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Boisés Est gratefully thanks all those who have contributed to making Wood & Forest 2018 a success: our visitors, of course, but also our exhibitors and sponsors, as well as our volunteers. Special thanks to our Event Sponsors: The South Nation Conservation and the Ontario Woodlot Association.

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 Objective: Promote wood and forest-related products and services provided by local individuals, companies and other organizations. Wood & Forest strives to promote the local economy and eco-responsibility.

Booths, Demonstrations, Entertainment: Over 50 artisans, companies, artists and organizations, generally local, whose business involves a connection to wood or other forest-based assets. Musical show – Children’s Program

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Exhibitors: Artisans; forestry consultants; forest contractors; maple syrup producers; sawmillers; providers of forestry and wood conversion machinery and
equipment; woodlot owner organizations; educational, training and information institutions; providers of recreational services; artists; health-related organizations; social/community associations and organizations; developers of innovative social or business opportunities related to the forest… … and anybody who sees the forest as a precious, sustainable source of economic, environmental and social wealth.

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AUCTION: 100 lots of slabs, boards, carving blocs, burls and other specialties. Walnut, cherry, maple, white pine, basswood and other popular local species.

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TO CONTACT US : For any additional information, please contact Jean-Claude Havard, Wood & Forest; Forest Coordinator, at 613-673- 3089 – info@boisesest.ca.

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